1. Location of secret crates.
    An FAQ originally made for X2, adding/changing stuff for TC.

2. Unofficial TC Webpack?

(Contains the new X3 logo, the Egosoft logo, and a button. Why there is a button I have no clue...)

3. TC: Stats
Egosoft Forum Topic (Note: Please do not post.)

Jan 10, 2008: Project Start
Info gathering.

Main graphics completed via watching video previews. Tweaks done when more vids were released.

September and October:
Attempt to gain info to continue project.

October, 2008: TC Release
Due to a lack of actual game data and release in North America unknown, project halted.

4. TC/R Map
Egosoft Forum Topic
Seeing stats for usage of the old X2 map and amount of people that still download it I've decided to make another. Not interactive, a basic version looking like the in-game map instead of the grid base.
 TC mini map: Version 2.7 (GIF 192kb)
 Print TC mini map: Version 2.7 (PDF 180kb)
 R mini map: Version 2.7 (GIF 134kb)
 Print R mini map: Version 2.7 (PDF 149kb)